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TSR Marketing Group, LLC

Tracking Systems

There are three main tracking systems that TSR uses to monitor and control our normal business processes. They are as follows:

  • Financial Tracking - to track the Accounting aspects of the business. TSR uses Quickbooks.
  • Commission Tracking - for our Principals, Customers, and Salespersons. TSR uses a program developed specifically for this purpose for representatives in the electronics field called "Rep 2000", from a company called "Xcelsoft.com". This software package allows us to track commissions by customer, by Principal, by Salesman and get reports with whatever configuration we would like.
  • Opportunity Tracking - We use this software to monitor all of the Opportunities that we are working on for our Principals. We have the option to start tracking the Opportunity at the "Interest" level and can track through the life of part usage. In addition to the "Opportunity" database, we also have the following other databases built into the same application: "Contacts", "Tasks", "Programs", "Scripts", "Activity Calendar", "Principals". This software package was designed over time, and has been specifically written for our business. As such, the needs of our business process have dictated the features that have been built into this software. We do not have to adapt what we do to conform to the software requirements as many other representative firms do, but rather, we adapt the software to reflect, record, and monitor our business process. Every day a "Task List" is generated for each staff member of TSR with the Tasks that need to be performed on that day, plus all of the previously uncompleted Tasks. Each Task has an "Owner" and an "Administrator" so that two people in the organization are aware of what needs to happen. This provides multiple accountability so that nothing falls through the cracks. The software resides on our web server, and is accessed from a secure area behind our website. It is accessible from any computer with a Browser, and therefore needs no special software on any of our computers. Since all the data is contained in one database, it is synchronized by design. There is a lot more here, and a more detailed explanation can be provided upon request.