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No Signal, Noise Only, Multiple TransFilters
Company Summary
TransFilter Technologies specializes in improving the detection sensitivity of the circuits/processes used by RADAR, SONAR, Communications and Control receivers to recover exponentially modulated information from weak signals in noise; improving the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). We do this by using a new technological approach. While the new approach is best suited to applications involving digital data it is also very effective for analog signals as well.

Potential Applications and Markets
  • Asteroid, Earth extinction event detection systems;
  • Aeronautical radio communication machines and apparatus;
  • Broadband radios;
  • Computer hardware and software, for use with medical patient monitoring equipment, for receiving, processing, transmitting and displaying data;
  • Digital signal processors;
  • Electronic devices used to locate lost objects employing radio frequency;
  • FM modulators;
  • Global positioning system (GPS) consisting of computers, computer software, transmitters, receivers, and network interface devices;
  • Industrial wireless point-to-multipoint radio;
  • Marine radio communication machines and apparatus;
  • Mobile data receivers;
  • Radar apparatus;
  • Radio receivers;
  • Radio receivers and monitors for reproduction of sound and signals;
  • Radio receivers and radio signal tuners;
  • Receivers of electronic signals;
  • Single-channel radio communication machines and apparatus for fixed stations;
  • Software defined radio.

Prototype Setup at 100 KHz

Differentiating Features
The TransFilter technology is a new circuit topology that uses discrete analog components (capacitors, inductors and resistors) to achieve results without the use of DSP:
  • The TransFilter reduces in-band noise prior to detection.
  • TransFilters can be cascaded, increasing both the in-band noise reduction and signal amplification.
  • the TransFilter converts in-band exponentially modulated signals to baseband.
  • The TransFilter process does not convert noise to baseband.
  • Significantly reduced latency and SNR when compared to DSP.

Contact Information
Name: Matthew Eisenberg
Title: Representative / TSR Marketing
Phone: 973-694-1223
Email: matthew.eisenberg@tsrmarketing.com
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