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TSR Marketing Group, LLC



TSR Company History


TSR was first organized in 1985 by Neal Cockerham who was previously a Sales Manager with Watkins-Johnson. Susan Roberts (now Susan Jennings) joined him shortly thereafter. Some time in the early 1990's, Richard Rosenthal, who was in the process of purchasing Aaron Technical Sales from Bert Arron, made Neal and Susan an offer to merge the two companies, which all parties agreed to. They incorporated in 1995 as TSR Marketing Group. In 1996 Richard left the company and Tom Ryan was hired to cover Long Island, NY. In 1997, Matt Eisenberg joined the company and was hired to cover the New Jersey territory. In the last quarter of 1999, Neal decided that the state of Florida needed him more than New York, so he headed south, and Susan's husband Jon was given a once in a lifetime offer by the Chicago Golf Club that he could not refuse, so Susan and her family moved to Chicago. Tom and Matt put a long term buyout offer together for Susan and Neal which they accepted and that process was completed in November of 2004, leaving Tom Ryan and Matt Eisenberg as equal partners in TSR Marketing. In January of 2007, Matt started purchasing Tom's interest in the company, with Tom staying on to continue his coverage of key accounts. Tom decided to spend full time in retirement starting mid-2008. TSR presently continues our tradition of superior territory coverage for all of our Principals.